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The Tale Of Melon City - Storyboard

Another blast from the past from 2013. Did this for younger brother for his English lit assignment in school. The poem - The Tale of Melon City by Vikram Seth is one of the chapters assigned in CBSE's Class 11th curriculum.

Another comic strip which I did for my brother- Lord Ullin's Daughter

The Gentle Traveller

The gentle traveller in my barn,
Spinning an adventurous yarn.
Of the pains she bore,
And the experiences she scored.
Her eyes were big in excitement,
I was surprised with enlightenment.
She started with the fun,
And how she reached moon and the sun.
Things didn't go well in her life,
A horrible person rejected her as wife.
Memories made her eyes wet,
Yet the brave lady did not fret.
Didn't let a single tear fall,
Stood up high and tall.
Gazed deep at the moon,
Shouted laughter and started to drool.
She then spoke of her experiences around the world,
Of praises she got and criticism people hurled.
We walked on the grass towards her bike,
Her pains seemed heavier and rucksack was light.
She smiled and sat on the saddle,
Waved back while she paddled.
She added another chapter to my life,
A new lesson and a new light.

Laughter In The Terrain

Clouds are dark, Sun rays left a mark, Time for joy of a new start, And for a voyage I am about to embark.

Conversations - Cartoons

Blast from the past...
Mother and son conversation, not mine btw :p

Father and son conversation (silent conversations), again, not mine :p

Pervert - Cartoon

Blast from the past...

Smart Prisoner - Cartoon

Blast from the past...

Lord Ullin's Daughter - Storyboard

A blast from the past...Did this storyboard in 2010 for my brother's holiday homework when he was in 9th standard. Lord Ullin's Daughter was part of English Literature course (CBSE) in school during my time as well as during my brother's time. This was an amazing poem, still close to my heart. A true love story with an unfortunate end.
But, I am different :D I don't like sad endings, though they exist. I gave the poem a comic touch and transformed it, and as you would see in the sketch, my brother's teacher also wrote, "You have transformed it."

You can read the poem here

The Bitter Truth

Truth holds no meaning if can't be spoken,
Success can't be ensued if efforts are broken.

Truth can hurt because words are harsh,
We can fall because the path is marsh.

Life's a voyage through an upstream flow,
Heart endures the pain yet we smile with a glow.

It Rained Happiness

The sky was clear
The clouds were white
Horizon was near
Mind was light
It rained happiness

Eyes were cheerful
Legs were dancing
Weather was blossomful
Birds were romancing
It rained happiness

Breeze was cool
Grass had dew
Wanted to drool
Life was new
It rained happiness

Mopped The Past

Scurrying on the floor
Crippled by memories
I locked the door

Strong memories, broken glass
With teary eyes
I mopped the past

Destiny A Maze

I walked
I jumped
I went up to the base

I jogged
I ran
I sped up my pace

I reached
I topped
Yet I lost the race

Feat in hand
Couldn't celebrate
Efforts a waste

I sat
I cried
Bitter was the taste

God director
Life surprise
Destiny a maze

The Lesson To Be Taught

A quick one, wrote this yesterday post midnight :D

Everything can't be bought,
Every man should be taught.
Every rule can't be broken,
She is not a possession to be taken.

Don't misunderstand,
She's not a helping hand.
She's an independent kite,
Not a slave as your wife.

She simply can't be impressed,
No matter how well you get dressed.
To hit the dart in the center,
You have to find her heart and enter.

You can't win her with your money,
Nor with your love and words like 'my honey.'
Give her respect and pay heed,
Not only affection but attention also she needs.

You've responsibility and so does she,
Men should also compromise as nothing comes for free.
Leaving her parents shouldn't be a boundation,
Weights should be equal for a great foundation.

Break Rules

Finally, I gave up my Nokia, thanks to Microsoft who didn't take care of its customers and rising need of internet and apps in India after demonetization. RIP Lumia! I have bought a smartphone otherwise known as Android phone...Now, I am figuring out how to use it :( Alongside reading 'Family Wisdom', my 5th title of Robin Sharma. This book has deeply moved me, probably my second best read after Alchemist. I read Leadership Wisdom two years ago but that didn't have that magic! Family Wisdom is even better than its prequel, Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Family Wisdom is a must read!

Anyway, like every year, I wrote this rhyme on new year eve. 

Break the doors which stop you,
From opening a chapter that's new.

Break the barriers which prevent you,
From experiencing sunrise and the dew.

Move ahead but not start a new life,
Forget the wrongs, cherish all the rights.

You are beautiful and so is your life,
Leave the string and fly as an independent kite.

Leave the horizon an…